How it works?

Connect your eCommerce or D2C business to Affilitics platform and start selling through a network of 10,000+ retail stores, 100,000 affiliates and influencers.
Get our tracking software integrated in just one business day.
Self onboarding, AI based conversational assistant, easy tracking, fraud protection and customized commission models.

AI Powered
Assisted Influencer Marketing (AIM)

Proprietary AI Digital Assistant helps drive more conversions and increase revenues upon affiliate link clicks.


Manage top influencers/affiliates recommended by AI engine based on followers, engagements, performance, quality traffic and sales history.


Get insights on best performing sales channels and align your marketing efforts for better return on investment.


Define custom commission structures based on product category, price slabs, location, currency specific and more.

Register as an influencer/affiliate and start making money with commissions upto 10%.
Easy on-boarding, account verification, automated AI based product link creator and more.
Get started and become affiliate for all of our business partners!

Affiliate Links

AI based product discovery and generates links for direct integration with your blog/website or App.

Advanced Reports
and Analytics

Discover the best selling products, get insights on how to boost your low performing links and increase margins.

Traffic Insights
And Trends

Analytics on traffic across channels with detailed user behavior, content demand, missed sales and more.


Discover ongoing campaigns from our registered businesses and brands, track all your affiliations under one single tool.

Grow Your Sales Network World Wide!

High Quality Traffic
Influencers drive conversion traffic

Influencers, bloggers, subject matter experts drive quality traffic promoting your products to their followers leading to more conversions and revenue.

Boost Ad Retargeting
Increase ROI for paid advertisements

Your paid Ads across social media, google and other channels will now have more quality traffic to retarget and help in better conversions.

World wide Sales Network
Build your sales network across globe

Any influencer across globe can sell your products with conversion based incentives ensuring more sales and boost online domain credibaility.

Influencer / Affiliate sales and revenue insights

Detailed analytics on your sales and marketing efforts, revenues, top performing affiliates and more.

News and Events

Affiliatics in the news!

Business Standard
Affiliatics - Grow your eCommerce and D2C Brands by 300x!

Affiliatics an O2O marketing platform, within three months of launch since March 2021, counts large eCommerce businesses like IRCTC, Flipkart, Amazon...

Rising Kashmir
Mission Youth to introduce Affiliatics marketing training program

Srinagar, July 10: The Chief Executive Officer, Mission Youth, Dr. Shahid Choudhary Saturday reviewed the modalities for digital self-employment training programme to be launched for J&K youth ...

Head Start Pitch Fest
Top 7 Upcoming SaaS Companies

Affiliatics one among the top 7 startups selected for pitch session with 50 + investors from across India and 70+ meetings requests at Kickstart’s SaaS edition...

Leverage AI for Marketing

Use our state of the art AI based affiliate tracking software and boost your sales across web and mobile platforms.

For Online Businesses

Launch a global affiliate program for your business using Affiliatics platform. Scale and market your products and services across geographies without spending on marketing.

For Affiliates

Become an affiliate for multiple businesses on single Affiliatics marketplace and track all your commissions, traffic, payments and more through single platform.

For Retail Businesses

You can now track all your offline marketing efforts and conversions using Affiliatics. Get insights on your marketing spend and ROI (Return on investment).

For Influencers

If you have a fan following then here is your chance to make more money! Get on Affiliatics platform to boost earnings, access to promote multiple products and brands.

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